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    Proudfoot designs, implements and accelerates operational transformation - realizing tomorrow's results today. More About Alexander Proudfoot
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    Alexander Proudfoot

    Alexander Proudfoot helps executives achieve their revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control. Business leaders who need substantial results in a short amount of time rely on Proudfoot to work hand-in-hand with their people. 

    Who We Are

    Driving rapid change in operational performance
    We specialize in the installation of performance programs that deliver rapid and sustainable operational and financial improvements - the key drivers of profitability and shareholder value.

    "Proudfoot uncovers and eliminates barriers so deeply ingrained that people have either given up complaining about them or do not realize that they are correctable."
    CEO, Financial Services sector
    • Disciplined Execution
    • Experts in successful change management
    • What we are not
    Our execution-driven service model delivers - not just identifies - measurable results without further capital investment.
    Three guiding principles lie at the heart of our approach and define how we work:
    ■  Engineering behavioral consensus to prepare the organization for change
    ■  Managing the process from start to finish
    ■  Instilling the behavioral change necessary for sustained improvement
    We are not a strategy firm - rather we work within the context of the existing strategy and enable our clients to move from strategic intent to practical application in order to secure solid results for key stakeholders.

    We are not an IT systems implementation firm - but we recognize the value of technology and help clients make the best use of existing systems.

    We are not an outsourcing firm - however, we understand the benefits generated by outsourcing and where appropriate, fully prepare clients to transition smoothly to an outsourced environment.

    What We Do

    Change with speed, predictability and control
    Our teams come together on your site with a common methodology, collaborative approach and a strong infrastructure of support.
    • Speed and certainty
    • Transforming performance
    • Engaging your people in the business of change
    • Proven approach, enduring results

    Successful execution turns strategy into reality and plans into increased profits and cash. We enable executive management to take their businesses and their people to new levels of performance, delivering results on a scale and at a speed the company would not be able to achieve on its own. With our support, what would otherwise take the company years to realize alone is accomplished within months.

    "With Proudfoot's help we have done in six to eight months what would have taken us two to three years on our own." 
    Group GM, Manufacturing sector

    We transform operational performance by ensuring our clients use their existing assets more effectively.  With the emphasis on our proprietary execution-driven approach, we deliver measurable results without the need for further investment.
    Establishing the right culture, skill set and motivation lies at the heart of gaining the extremely high levels of operational performance improvement we achieve sustainably. Our People Solutions™ practice underpins each and every one of our engagements.

    "Proudfoot focused on really changing the behavior and the culture; while we both worked on developing the required system elements."
    Commercial Director, Business Services sector
    For more than 70 years, we have been helping companies of all sizes and all business sectors to transform operational performance in sales, output, costs and capital expenditure. Crucial to our success is our ability to improve the effectiveness of your management.
    We complement and accelerate existing initiatives such as Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma.

    Our Professionals

    Working with all levels of your organization to improve processes
    At Alexander Proudfoot, we specialize in the implementation of operational performance improvement programs that deliver measurable and sustainable results for our clients.

    Our teams develop on-site solutions that combine a common methodology with a collaborative approach and a strong infrastructure of support to deliver results that give you a competitive edge.
    • Deeper expertise
    • Profile of a typical Alexander Proudfoot consultant
    • The Alexander Proudfoot infrastructure

    Typically, our people have considerable prior experience gained in industry or consulting. Some also have specialist skills in specific practices or industries, bringing yet deeper expertise to a client engagement.

    Our improvement projects span all sectors including energy, utilities, manufacturing and engineering, as well as consumer goods, financial and business services.

    In addition, our service offerings include;

    Working Capital 
    ■ Supply Chain - logistics, distribution, procurement and inventory management
    Revenue Growth - sales effectiveness, product knowledge, profitability and pricing strategies
    PMO - project management office
    Organizational and Operational alignment (O2R)
    People Solutions™ - change management expertise
    ■ Mergers and Acquisitions - pre and post-merger expertise 

    Our people have the expertise to improve your operations based upon their 

    ■ Understanding: years of specialized industry experience
    ■ Knowledge and capabilities: having worked with clients in multiple industries and across all levels of the organization
    ■ Dedication: our consultants spend 100% of the time on-site at our client’s premises
    ■ Ability to work side-by-side with our clients' employees: on the floor, in the front office, etc.
    ■ Know-how: our people receive extensive training and development on our service offerings
    ■ Competencies: strong analytical, communication and execution skills

      Our on-site teams are supported by the Alexander Proudfoot infrastructure which incorporates:

      ■  Our comprehensive Knowledge Management system that provides access to thousands of past projects - a quick and easy way to identify best practice and transportable experiences
      ■  Centers of Excellence and specialty practices
      ■  Stringent Project Quality Control procedures 
      ■  Continuous investment in new product development and service offering refinement 
      ■  Ongoing professional development for all employees

      Our Approach

      Proven methodology, rigorous approach

      For the past 70 years and across 17,000+ projects, our approach has evolved meaning we are better placed to meet client needs. Clients benefit from our proven methodology, which is tailored to meet precise client requirements – across a market, territory or multiple countries of operation.


       About Us - Our Approach

      • Business Review
      • Change management
      • Bottom-up process
      • Co-Venture®
      • Sustainability

      Before each project, we conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s operations. This consists of an on-the-ground validation – incorporating observations, assessments and detailed data analysis. This Business Review gives us the ability to outline and quantify specific opportunities, before defining potential solutions and interventions. It is a dynamic process where we review and debate findings with executive leadership through a series of formal and informal meetings.

      The end result is a “change blueprint” that provides the framework for the operational improvement program, in which we firmly establish the foundations for sustainability. This change blue print is transformed into a robust project roadmap which includes the project plan, governance structure and performance measurement criteria.

      "I have been hugely impressed with Proudfoot's work. The level and depth of analysis they did during the Business Review was quite extraordinary."
      Managing Partner, Private Equity

      We form joint Proudfoot and client member teams. Client involvement during the implementation process is critical to establish employee ownership and sustain the project’s results.

      Our project methodology creates awareness of the need for change, prepares the organization for change and coaches the organization through change, which empowers the client to sustain the results.
      ABOUT-BOTTOM-UP-PROCESSWe work from the bottom up – our approach achieves a higher level of support and participation across the entire organization and delivers core behavioral change.

      By working on-the-ground, where most people and assets are deployed, we can address dependencies and the root causes of problems by changing behaviors, not just processes.

      We believe clients know best when it comes to their business, market and customers, but Proudfoot has unrivalled experience in operational performance improvement and change implementation to deliver real results, swiftly and effectively.

      By joining forces, our clients achieve significantly more, and in less time, than they would have on their own.

      Our joint teams simultaneously address processes, management systems and people to deliver operational and behavioral change.

      ABOUT-SUSTAINABILITYRight from day one, our approach engenders cooperation and client ownership of the results. And from this point forwards, we empower internal teams, coaching them so they continue to deliver further improvements well into the future, providing equally a sustainability governance model with defined roles and responsibilities.


      Where we operate

      We partner with companies across all geographies and all sectors. From our range of offices around the world, we serve our clients, going wherever they need us and for as long as it takes until we get the job done.

      For more than 70 years, we have been successfully delivering results for our clients, transforming operational and financial performance to build stronger, more agile businesses. Our people have unrivaled experience, the cultural understanding to achieve results across any location and the language capability required to operate effectively in the local environment.