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    Joining Alexander Proudfoot offers you the opportunity to work across different sectors, varying countries, cultures and disciplines. We need talented, resourceful and highly motivated people who relish the opportunity to work as part of a team to really make a difference to the ways companies operate.

    Who We Are

    We help companies rapidly improve their operational performance
    • Delivering value
    • Team playing
    • Professional growth
    At Alexander Proudfoot, the emphasis is on delivering value to our clients by implementing workable solutions with an immediate impact. Our emphasis is on effective execution with our people out in the field, working side-by-side with client personnel delivering practical solutions that make a difference.

    You will work daily with talented, driven colleagues. Through your work in the delivery of innovative solutions to client challenges, these colleagues will provide practical guidance and support, thereby developing and expanding your areas of expertise and sphere of competences.


    We will expand your knowledge and stretch your capabilities in ways you never imagined. With ample opportunity for you to assume responsibility, your efforts will be rewarded with multiple prospects for professional growth.

    Our Values and Heritage

    A guiding set of values

    Alexander Proudfoot is characterized by a strong belief in its people and a client-centric approach

    Do what is right for our clients: We exist because our clients choose to do business with us – all of our decision-making and behaviors are based on their needs. This core belief is a legacy established by our founder, Alexander Proudfoot.

    Do what is right for our people: Together, we attract and retain caring and talented people to establish a working environment that is both interesting and challenging. 

    Deliver excellence and set the agenda:
    We are passionate about service and the delivery of excellence in everything we do. None of us is as good as all of us – our culture stresses the importance of people working together to achieve a common goal. Uncompromising in our commitment to be the best at what we do, we strive to be innovators in our industry and set the agenda.
    Earn the trust of our clients and colleagues:
    We want to be perceived as THE trusted advisor in our industry. Together, we build trust in one another and with our stakeholders. We honor our commitments, demonstrate openness and act with integrity. We have a deep respect for each other.

    Demonstrate professionalism: Within our business, and in the marketplace, we uphold the highest level of professionalism to drive our credibility as a trusted partner.


    Our heritage
    • Firm foundations
    • Unique approach
    CAREERS-AlecThe company was founded in Chicago over 70 years ago by Alexander Proudfoot (1901-1968). With a background in banking, he evaluated multiple troubled companies. In doing so, he developed a fascination with the Socratic method as a means to identify the root causes of problems, and in particular those faced by companies.
    CAREERS-PrinciplesAt a time when consulting was still in its infancy, Alexander Proudfoot established the company with two founding principles. First, that he would sell a unique, proprietary product of relevance to all companies regardless of type, size or sector, which would produce a dramatic, tangible result with benefits far exceeding the cost. Second, that he would only accept assignments where the client partnered with him and his company to install the program and implement the required changes. These principles remain as true today as they did all those years ago.

    Your Career at Proudfoot

    Personal growth
    Working daily with talented colleagues, you'll develop your own portfolio of skills and expertise with the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to client issues. Hands-on from the outset, you'll play an active role in the team effort, your contribution flourishing as your knowledge expands. Predominantly field-based at client sites, you'll have ample opportunity to travel. We welcome candidates who are fluent in multiple languages.
    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Engagement Manager
    • VP of Operations
    CAREERS-Installation-SpecialistA key player in the project team, you’re instrumental in project delivery. Working exclusively at client premises, you’ll interact daily with client personnel at all levels. Task-oriented, there’s ample opportunity for you to be responsible and accountable as you develop your skills and capabilities.
    CAREERS-Installation-ManagerWith proven operational experience, you’re pivotal in delivering the required changes within client operations. Managing a team, you will demonstrate your ability to ensure deliverables are completed in full and on time, as well as your capacity to establish credible and enduring professional business relationships with client staff. At the grass roots level, you will be responsible for making sure the Alexander Proudfoot methodology is applied correctly across the project.
    You are recognized for your ability to manage a project. Responsible for project quality and profitability, you allocate appropriately work across your team, building skills and expertise to maximize team effectiveness. You nurture and develop multi-level client relationships. Your communications skills are strong and with a proven track record, you contribute to the firm’s internal Knowledge Management System on how to successfully manage and deliver change.
    Your expertise lies in managing multiple large-scale, complex multi-site projects and ensuring project profitability. With the capability to gain a deep understanding of the client situation, you demonstrate your ability to develop innovative solutions to client problems. Recognized by clients as a leader in your field, your contribution is welcomed and you regularly provide advice, guidance and counsel. You grow the commercial relationship and prospect new client accounts, both individually and as part of a team. You excel in mentoring and coaching team members and enhance internal Knowledge Management.

    Life at Alexander Proudfoot

    Personal growth
    We don’t just advise our clients what to change and why. We partner with them, every step of the way, providing innovative solutions to solve their most persistent operational issues. Right from the very start, our people are out in the field, working side-by-side with our clients’ front-line employees, managers and senior executives. We go wherever our clients need us, and for as long as it takes, until we get the job done. So whether in a retail store, a manufacturing plant or an underground gold mine, we stay around to show clients what changes need to be made and why, quickly and expertly, leaving their people with pragmatic skills and behaviors that keep on delivering results long after the assignment ends.