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    Proudfoot designs, implements and accelerates operational transformation - realizing tomorrow's results today. More About Alexander Proudfoot
  • Aerospace and Defense

    Lifting performance across the sector

    With experience across the aerospace and defense sector, Proudfoot helps companies realize their full potential through greater speed, predictability and control. We bring our clients an improved focus on disciplined execution, enabling them to improve operational and financial performance and increase shareholder value.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    Typical results achieved during a Proudfoot project.


    • Productivity increased 20-30%
    • On-time delivery improved 80-90%
    • Cycle time reduced 25-35%
    • Procurement expenses reduced 5-10%
    • Capacity utilization increased 15-25%
    • Inspection failures decreased 35-50%
    • Overtime improved 40-50%
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Helping companies elevate operational and financial performance

    We work with companies around the world and across the value chain, building expertise with aircraft OEMs, contractors, aerospace suppliers and others.

    • Delivering in-depth change expertise
    • Achieving significant transformations
    • Tailoring each approach
    Our aerospace and defense team brings together sector expertise and unrivaled knowledge of operational design and execution. This powerful combination allows our clients to adapt readily, keeping pace with a rapidly evolving external environment.
    For more than 70 years, we have partnered with multiple aerospace and defense clients on successful projects to deliver a significant transformation in overall asset utilization.
    Tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each client, we provide certainty of a step-change in performance improvement without the need for additional capital expenditure. Our work complements and magnifies existing initiatives and accelerates results.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    "There had been significant pressure on our business forcing us to change.  We had a general understanding of how we could get 70 percent of the way there but believed that, by working with Alexander Proudfoot, we could not only reduce costs, but also come out of the exercise a stronger business. Proudfoot played a vital role in enabling us to set a secure platform from which to work.  We will continue to reap benefits over time."
    Managing Director
    "The Alexander Proudfoot team gained the respect of our engineers by helping them achieve significant productivity improvements through the application of common sense initiatives."
    SVP, EADS Airbus
    Project results - successful past projects
    • Cash flow
    • Productivity
    • Alignment
    Objective: A chief executive needed to transform his operation by increasing cash flow and improving project lead-times while changing organizational mindsets to achieve sustainability of these initiatives.

    Approach: The aim was to shorten management’s reaction to any plan deviation. The Proudfoot team reviewed the company’s tasks and deadlines and the way in which they set objectives to ensure projects were of a manageable size and aligned with organizational standards. To ensure the changes took root, Proudfoot rolled out multiple training programs and coached the internal teams to foster ongoing sustainability.

    Results: The project achieved a cost and lead time reduction of 20% as well as a productivity improvement of 20%.

    Objective: The CEO was experiencing delays on a critical project due to increasing customer demand as well as the introduction of new materials which was negatively impacting the on-time delivery rate. With an insufficient number of engineers available in the labor market, the CEO felt the only way to get back on track was to improve productivity of existing work force and processes.

    Approach: Proudfoot improved the existing management systems by providing critical tools to plan, manage and control projects. Proudfoot spent time with the organization focusing on team building and coaching sessions in order to create better focus and help address ineffective communication strategies and excessive rework.

    Results: Proudfoot helped the company improve the company’s productivity by 25% and dramatically increased the on-time delivery rate.

    Objective: A company sought to better align processes, behaviors and systems with the management's overarching strategy. The client also wanted to identify opportunities for improvement through the analysis of operations.

    Approach: Proudfoot implemented an improvement project complete with new procedures, better visibility for staff and management and training programs. The project focused on improving time management to decrease overtime and better forecasting and planning of maintenance to reduce costs. The new procedures helped to align behaviors and systems with the organization as a whole.

    Results: The project's benefits were far-reaching—reducing costs due to overtime and sub-contract maintenance. Machine availability was increased due to better planning and savings were achieved in procurement.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help across all operations
    Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience across many industries focusing on a multitude of themes. Let us use our knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
    • Productivity
    • Research and development
    • Strategic procurement
    Improving productivity and increasing organizational effectiveness can deliver a real step-change in business performance, enabling companies to gain a valuable competitive advantage over rivals.

    Alexander Proudfoot has been synonymous with productivity improvements and operational effectiveness since 1946. We use a unique methodology for measuring productivity, first developed by our founder and continuously updated and refined ever since.
    We understand the wider scope and how research and development projects interconnect with other areas of the business. Research and development improvements have repercussions on supply chain, sales, operations and other areas. With our comprehensive approach, companies not only improve the process but also prepare other areas of the business for success.
    Our approach to supplier relationship management is collaborative in nature and yields better pricing and superior results, which our clients translate directly into a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By combining our world-class execution experience with unparalleled change management experience, we deliver our clients a world-class strategic procurement infrastructure that sets these organizations apart from the competition.
    Other Areas
    • Supply chain
    • Safety
    • SG&A
    • Maintenance
    • Distribution
    • Sales
    • Assembly
    • Program development
    • Employee engagement
    • Contractor management