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    Elevating Banking Performance

    We know how to mobilize employees to reshape an organization and achieve a competitive advantage. Employees can be the change necessary to move a company forward—real, deep and sustainable change.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • Increased Sales 12%
    • Improved Profitability 30%
    • Reduced operating expenses 17%
    • 30% productivity increase
    • 15-60% reduced backlogs
    • 40% reduced bad debt recovery cycle time
    • 32% improved loan processing cycle time
    • 20% service levels enhancement
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Helping companies elevate operational and financial performance

    Proudfoot has a successful track record of partnering with executive management teams to reach long-term goals. Whether a company needs to industrialize its back office operations, address rising administrative costs or significantly increase the quality of its customer service levels to grow revenues, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done.

    • Completing projects around the world
    • Developing programs custom-tailored for your company
    • Working shoulder-to-shoulder on the front-line
    BANKING-WWD-TX1Proudfoot has completed projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading financial institutions—retail, investment and commercial bankers; automotive and consumer financial services companies; and credit unions.
    BANKING-WWD-TX2An integral piece of our methodology is developing tailor-made programs that eliminate productivity issues for our clients. Our proven approach involves engaging and training employees, reducing costs, minimizing waste, streamlining branch operations, improving process cycle time, increasing call center effectiveness and the quality of customer service.
    BANKING-WWD-TX3Proudfoot works shoulder-to-shoulder with management and front-line supervisors to identify opportunities and implement sustainable change. We take an unparalleled approach to disciplined execution, which accelerates the achievement of our clients’ objectives.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    "Proudfoot has been an important catalyst in quickly identifying and quantifying the potential productivity and quality improvements within one of our key operating units. From the start, we were particularly impressed with how easily their specialists were accepted by our managers and staff. Proudfoot’s teamwork approach and their commitment to understanding our business was evident throughout. With their assistance, we are now moving confidently through a well-planned implementation strategy."
    Executive Vice President, Bank of America
    "While consolidating our back-office operations into a limited number of regional centers (or customer service units) as part of the France distribution network restructuring project, we decided to redefine our current processes and steering methods at the same time. We had very little time to improve our operating conditions and maximize productivity, therefore we decided to bring in Proudfoot to boost and coach our own in-house consultants. Proudfoot provided us with invaluable assistance through its expertise, efficient methodology and experience in managing such projects. At the end of the assignment, the deliverables totally matched the goals that we had set for ourselves in the beginning. We are convinced that Proudfoot’s commitment and support helped to significantly shorten our project’s completion time."
    Retail Marketing Director, Société Générale
    Project Results - successful past projects
    • Costs and revenue
    • Customer experience

    Objective: The executive team at a banking institution needed to increase revenues, improve processing times and reduce costs across all locations.

    Approach: Proudfoot implemented a new approach aimed at maintaining customer relationships that drastically improved the performance and productivity of the customer service organization. The approach reprioritized activities and included both a new sales system to enable management to take correct, accurate and timely decisions and a redesigned organizational structure.

    Results: The project made an impact from both a cost and a revenue standpoint. Labor costs were reduced by 19%, while revenues increased 11% as a result of a 67% increase in the number of offers and a 46% increase in the number of contracts signed.

    Objective: The company needed to improve customer service and restore competitiveness by cutting account opening cycle time without errors.

    Approach: Proudfoot and the client’s people partnered closely to simplify the account opening process. A system to enable management to take correct, accurate and in time action was established to improve processes and employee behaviors. The system included daily and weekly operating reports for all banking sites, which helped to increase the visibility of individual performance in real time.

    Results: The Proudfoot operational improvement project increased the company's processing time by a remarkable 142% and improved turnaround time from two weeks to less than 30 minutes. These results have given the company a decisive advantage in a competitive environment.

    Areas of Impact

    Expertise across all operational areas
    Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge and take your operations to a whole new level.
    • Revenue growth
    • Contact Center Effectiveness
    No company strategy, no matter how brilliantly conceived, has ever succeeded without tight control of top-line revenue. However, as customer needs and expectations continue to change, companies must adapt or risk missing windows of  opportunities for growth. Alexander Proudfoot provides strategic solutions that allow companies to thrive in the midst of change.
    For many, speaking with a contact center may be the first and only form of contact customers have with a company. Their experience, as brief as it may be, forms an essential part of the company's brand. At a time when excellent customer service can act as a valuable differentiator, companies need the confidence of knowing that their contact center is operating effectively and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
    Other Areas
    • Retail and Investment Banking
    • Asset Management
    • Back Office
    • New Account Opening
    • Cost Reduction
    • Productivity
    • Customer Service
    • Margins
    • Procurement
    • Post-Merger Integration