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    Adding Value Through Disciplined Execution

    Many companies are finding it easier to turn to business services companies for their needs rather than provide them internally. For this reason, the business services industry is being forced to evolve quickly to meet new customer demands. Alexander Proudfoot partners with business services companies to help them transform operations to better target strategic outcomes, achieve greater agility and drive new growth.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • Quote to cash cycle time improved by 28%
    • Improved service levels by 10-25%
    • Improved overall productivity 35%
    • Overtime reduction 40%
    • Improvement in customer satisfaction 30%
    • Reduction in operating costs 25%
    • Improved invoicing lead times by 40%
    • Streamlined processes
    • Reduced error rates (first time right)
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    What We Do

    Your partner for disciplined execution
    Helping companies elevate operational and financial performance

    We understand that, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, service companies face unique challenges. We have partnered with many different companies with varied challenges on multiple long-term projects. Our focus on disciplined execution equips them with the tools necessary to achieve their strategic objectives.

    • We understand your business
    • Drive rapid change
    • Transforming performance
    Bus Serv- sect 2- we understandWe help our clients take care of their own clients by helping them to get internal processes in order to allow for better service support and improved relationship management.
    The key to our success is our ability to drive the rapid and effective execution of corporate strategy throughout the organization, providing needed coordination and collaboration across all departments and responsibilities.
    We transform the performance of our service clients across all areas and we are sensitive to the often non-transactional nature of business services. We use our proprietary set of tools and methodologies developed with service clients in mind (such as system designs, skills training or behavior development) to address unique business needs and goals.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    “The speed of change was impressive. Our local people were deeply involved from the very beginning and truly embraced the project. The Proudfoot team provided great leadership and ensured that our staff worked effectively as a team on the changes that needed to be made.”
    Chief Executive Officer, JA Delmas
    "The biggest issue with any organization going through a period of change is the cultural inertia that arises because of the behaviors, the attitudes and the motivators of the people who are employed. This is where Proudfoot is particularly strong. We could have laid down a regimented system and made sure we got compliance, but it was just too important to risk not doing it right first time."
    Chief Operating Officer, Bord na Mona
    Successful Past Projects
    • Cash Flow
    • Management
    • Margin Improvement
    Objective: While top line was growing, the client's margins were continually compressed over the last few years. Cash flow constraints forced the CFO  to put a greater emphasis on  cash management.

    Approach: Operational issues were a primary reason for instability in cash flow that needed to be addressed at the root cause level.

    Results: $127 million in cash flow and an empowered internal team to maintain focus and a proactive approach towards cash management.
    Objective: The client felt that poor communication and relationships were leading poor processes and customer service. Also, the client wanted to reduce quote-to-cash cycle by 20%.

    Approach: The team began by designing, developing and implementing new processes. Best practices from the current practices and processes were also identified and applied. Non- value-added activities were identified and removed . The team also developed and installed a system to provide management with necessary information to make accurate and timely decisions.

    Results: The project achieved a quote-to-cash cycle reduction by 36 days. Accounts receivables were also reduced by $57 million and credit memos were reduced by $17 million. Management trained to manage business more effectively.
    Objective: The client wanted to improve productivity while still reducing costs order to protect margins.

    Approach: The project was wall-to-wall across all departments including call centers, HR, credit control, finance, administration and sales support. The team began by conducting activity based studies which they used to develop better management processes that included short interval controls and visual management. In addition, the team implemented master schedules and comprehensive resource appraisals. Proudfoot worked with the client to improve processes and the consistent application of appropriate behaviors.

    Results: Achieved a productivity increase of at least 15% in all areas. As well, the project  increased service level from 60% to 85%  in contact centers and managed to still reduce costs.

    Areas of Impact

    Expertise across all operational areas
    Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
    • Revenue Growth
    • Contact Center Effectiveness
    No company strategy, no matter how brilliantly conceived, has ever succeeded without tight control of top-line revenue. However, as customer needs and expectations continue to change, companies must change with them or risk missing out on growth opportunities. Alexander Proudfoot can offer solutions to take advantage of changing environments
    Critical to the success of every contact center is creating a healthy balance between outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction. Establishing a customer-first mentality within a contact centerstarts with developing a framework of processes, systems and behaviors that support the customer experience.
    Other areas
    • Sales effectiveness
    • Revenue growth
    • Customer service
    • Accounting
    • Back office
    • Procurement
    • SG&A cost reduction
    • Productivity
    • Margins