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    Adding Value Through Disciplined Execution

    For more than 70 years, Proudfoot has executed over 200 projects around the world for engineering and construction companies of all sizes.  Whether focused on building safety awareness, improving sub-contractor management, driving more value from multi-tiered supply chains, increasing site productivity or ensuring timely, on and below budget delivery, we ensure the sustainability of results by providing our clients with the tools, methodologies, skills and behaviors required for success.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • Overall productivity increased 30%
    • Cash flow improved 55%
    • Maintenance costs reduced 30%
    • 35% increase in design and engineering team efficiency
    • 33% machine utilization improvement
    • 15% reduction in material costs
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Strong Foundations for Growth

    Proudfoot partners with engineering and construction companies to help them compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace. No stranger to market volatility, we help these companies drive the rapid execution of their corporate strategy–improving the top-line, strengthening their resilience in a market downturn and preparing them for future growth.

    • Applying deep industry insights
    • Delivering a tailored approach
    CONSTRUCTION-WWD-TX1Our engineering and construction team has considerable first-hand sector knowledge and experience. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our client’s front-line employees, we accelerate the pace of change, helping them achieve significantly more than they could internally and at a pace five to eight times faster than what they could accomplish on their own.
    CONSTRUCTION-WWD-TX2Our approach is tailored and adapted to the needs and strengths of each client, allowing them to overcome any barriers to change and provide greater certainty of a step-change in performance.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    “The Proudfoot staff provided focus for the development of our group procurement activities which two years later is still bearing fruit. They also provided much needed evidence of what could be achieved by skilled teams with a purpose and were able to cut through the historical behavior patterns to demonstrate a better way of working. Without their impetus, we would probably be a year behind where we are now in our organizational development.”
    Commercial Director
    “This is my second project with Proudfoot and both have been extremely successful. Proudfoot has delivered results in an engineering environment by becoming part of a team and leading the implementation of new, fact-based management systems. They are schedule-driven and worked with our people to deliver the agreed upon results. The results are not measured in generalities but in defined, agreed metrics.”
    Chief Operating Officer
    Project Results - successful past projects
    • Cost reduction
    • Productivity
    • Procurement
    Objective: To adequately respond to market changes, a company needed to reduce costs, improve productivity and build team unity among plant managers.
    Approach: Proudfoot installed new tools and processes to improve staffing, cycle time, production planning and standardization. To ensure the new approach was thoroughly adopted, shift and team leaders received coaching and on-the-floor training.

    Results: By embracing the operational changes, the company increased productivity by 34%, improved labor and headcount planning, and reduced material and inventory costs.
    Objective: A company was being confronted with poor operational performance due to a lack of supervision from its managers. The executive team brought in Proudfoot to help address these issues and reduce overall costs.

    Approach: Proudfoot's tailored improvement plan revitalized the maintenance function and instilled a cost-consciousness throughout the organization. Proudfoot introduced plans to sustain quality, cost and delivery changes and perpetuate the quest for excellence.

    Results: The project delivered an average productivity improvement of 20% across 11 projects in 3 countries. This allowed the company to bring revenue forward by accelerating delivery of improvements. Proudfoot also installed best practices across sites, proactive behaviors and sustainable methodologies for continuous improvement.
    Objective: A company hoped Proudfoot could bring a more results-oriented culture to cut costs and improve maintenance efforts.

    Approach: A joint team professionalized the purchasing process and implemented an action plan to ensure sustainability of the purchasing approach. The team developed product prioritization, negotiation planning tools, negotiation training modules, purchasing dashboards and operational indicators of quality, cost, delivery and people to raise visibility of enterprise-wide operations.

    Results: The project improved management of the purchasing process, trained purchasers and created a better interface with design departments, purchasers and end-users.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot Can Help Across All Operations
    Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
    • Productivity
    • Strategic procurement
    Improving productivity and increasing organizational effectiveness can deliver a real change in business performance, enabling companies to gain a valuable competitive advantage over rivals.

    Alexander Proudfoot has been synonymous with productivity improvements and operational effectiveness since 1946. We use a unique methodology for measuring productivity, first developed by our founder and continuously updated and refined ever since.
    Our approach to supplier relationship management is collaborative in nature and yields better pricing and superior results, which our clients translate directly into a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By combining our world class execution experience with an unparalleled change management approach, we deliver a world class strategic procurement infrastructure that sets our clients apart from the competition.
    Other Areas
    • Logistic Planning
    • Organizational Alignment
    • Supply Chain
    • Sub-Contractor Management
    • Capacity Utilization
    • Maintenance Optimization
    • Fleet Utilization
    • Accounting/Billing
    • Customer Service
    • Engineering
    • Employee Skills
    • Purchasing
    • Inventory and Warehousing
    • Forecasting and Scheduling
    • Transportation