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      Change Acceleration

      Whether you represent life, accident and health, or property and casualty insurance, Alexander Proudfoot partners with all insurance institutions to achieve strategic, operational and customer-focused objectives through disciplined execution.

      Typical Results

      Results you can count on
      Typical results achieved during a Proudfoot project


      • Sales within a targeted segment increased 12%
      • Average revenue per call improved 17%
      • Cycle time reduced 22%
      • 25% customer service level improvement
      • 32% conversion rate increase
      • 38% end-to-end processing time reduction
      • 67% claims backlog decrease
      • 71% reduction in second pass underwriting touchpoints
      • 12% underwriting process cycle time improvement
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        What We Do

        Your partner for rapid sustainable change
        Helping companies elevate operational and financial performance
        We specialize in disciplined execution as a means for companies to meet strategic objectives.
        • Driving rapid change
        • Transforming performance
        • Delivering results
        INSURANCE-WWD-TX1The key to our success is the ability to drive the rapid and effective execution of corporate strategy throughout the organization–creating pace, predictability and control.
        INSURANCE-WWD-TX2We improve every facet of our insurance clients' operations including underwriting, policy processing, claims, broker services, finance, back office, customer service, call center operations, marketing and shared services. Our comprehensive methodology combines the training, coaching and communications necessary to change even the most embedded ways of working for the better.

        INSURANCE-WWD-TX3Our disciplined approach focuses on identifying root causes to problems that stunt client growth. We deliver precise solutions that improve productivity and generate revenue.


        Client Results

        We work side-by-side with client personnel and management to achieve sustainable results
        "We were in the midst of major transformation. Alexander Proudfoot helped us identify and implement significant cost savings; positioning our firm for future growth and increased profitability. We would not hesitate to engage them again should the need arise."
        I believe the improvements and implementations made in our business as a direct result of Proudfoot’s interventions are sustainable and flexible, and will yield rewards well into the future.  We will be continuing to challenge all our processes and systems critically through the Proudfoot lens to ensure we stay lean, profitable, innovative and a great place to work!"
        Deputy Chairman
        Project Results - successful past projects
        • Project Management
        • Customer experience
        • Process improvement
        Objective and Vision: A desire for more consistent financial performance prompted the CEO to devise a new plan for profitability. The plan focused on a cost containment initiative aimed at achieving significant savings. Within a year, the CEO was disappointed with the speed at which they were progressing and asked Proudfoot to come in to help.

        Approach: Proudfoot's improvement plan promoted straight-through processing to eliminate the various pass-backs observed between the underwriters and commercial account representatives. Additionally, all departments implemented new daily and weekly reporting to ensure particular attention was paid to variances and corrective action.

        Sustainable results: The improvement plan delivered far-reaching results, including a 17% reduction in backlog, a 15% decrease in filed claims and an improvement in direct costs of 17%.

        Objective and Vision: The client was experiencing a change in growth and was struggling to meet customer service  standards–they rated last by an external review of providers. In order to improve, the client desperately needed to reduce time to process claims and policies and rework while increasing team productivity.

        Approach: The Proudfoot team developed and installed tools for aligning demand and resources. Additionally, the team implemented a process to convert overall plan into specific action steps to be taken and a reporting and review structure to quickly address problems and variances. Reengineered work processes addressed poor managed workflow and load balancing, excess rework and quality issues. Comprehensive management training drove sustainable behavior change.

        Sustainable results: The new customer service approach reduced end-to-end processing time by 38%, rework by 52% and customer complaints by 48%. It also delivered a 30% increase in productivity.

        Objective and Vision: Recurring issues in multiple departments prevented the client from creating greater efficiency and meeting future growth objectives. The client needed a cultural transformation in order to improve the “end-to-end” network process which included changes in contracts, new providers and provider information.

        Approach: The Proudfoot project created capacity by reducing work and resolving other operational problems. Training reached all levels of the organization and coaching helped align all efforts and increase accountability.

        Sustainable Results: The revamped network process achieved an increased efficiency level of 13%, reduced inventory claims greater than 60 days by 62% and a productivity increase of 27%. Moreover, employee morale reached an all-time high as a result of the changes.

        Areas of Impact

        Expertise across all operational areas
        Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge and take your operations to a whole new level.
        • Revenue Growth
        • Contact Center Effectiveness
        INSURANCE-AOI-30566No company strategy, no matter how brilliantly conceived, has ever succeeded without tight control of top-line revenue. However, as customer needs and expectations continue to change, companies must adapt or risk failing to grasp key opportunities for  growth. Alexander Proudfoot provides strategic solutions that allow companies to thrive in the midst of change.
        INSURANCE-AOI-30555Critical to the success of every contact center is creating a healthy balance between outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction. Establishing a customer-first mentality within a contact center starts with developing a framework of processes, systems and behaviors that support the customer experience.
        Other Areas
          • Sales effectiveness
          • Revenue growth
          • Claims management
          • Customer service
          • Policy management
          • Accounting
          • Back office
          • Procurement
          • Post-merger integration
          • SG&A cost reduction