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      Delivering Accelerated Results

      The Life Sciences Practice addresses today's most pressing challenges for each sector of the industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare providers. Our expertise in driving the rapid and effective execution of corporate strategy allows our clients to readily exploit every opportunity for growth.

      The Life Sciences sector is an industry in transformation. Following years of growth, companies now face a new era and one distinguished by a changing healthcare landscape, pricing pressures, heightened regulatory scrutiny, increasing alliances and acquisitions as well as expiring patents and increased competition from generics. Companies are under pressure to change—and quickly as they look to meet these challenges head on.

      Typical Results

      Results you can count on
      What we help you achieve


      • Productivity increased 32%
      • Raw material availability improved 86%
      • Overall equipment effectiveness enhanced 22%
      • 5% increase in admissions
      • 7% increase in operating revenues
      • 5% cost reduction
      • 18% improved plant capacity
      • 18% packaging cycle time reduction
      • 32% throughput increase
      • 80% overtime reduction
      • 40% waste reduction
      • 15% energy cost reduction
      • 15% increase release of quality batches
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      What We Do

      Your partner for rapid sustainable change
      Helping companies elevate their operational and financial performance

      Alexander Proudfoot has completed projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical devices and medical services companies.

      • Applying insights and best practices
      • Implementing programs tailored to each company
      • Working side-by-side with the front-line
      LIFESCIENCE-WWD-TX1Through our improvement projects, Proudfoot has gained deep insights into the complexities facing the Life Sciences industry on a daily basis—regulatory hurdles, licensing competition, research productivity, rising healthcare costs and rapid technology advances.
      LIFESCIENCE-WWD-TX2By employing proprietary processes and developing custom-designed programs, Proudfoot is able to engage and train personnel, reduce costs and eliminate waste, improve purchasing processes and enhance facility utilization.
      LIFESCIENCE-WWD-TX3Proudfoot works side-by-side with a client’s front-line employees to identify opportunities and implement sustainable change and, through an unparalleled approach to disciplined execution, accelerate the achievement of a client’s objectives.

      Client Results

      What our clients say
      "I wouldn’t have been able to put in place the changes with the same focus and at the same speed. This project combined many important criteria to lead to success. The additional value of Proudfoot was clear in terms of methodology - this cannot be denied.”
      Site Director, BSN Medical
      “The contribution of Proudfoot in improving the productivity in our factory has been very valuable. By identifying and then visualizing excess capacity by improving product flows and planning procedures, all the staff have gone through a learning process which the Proudfoot team has led with perspicacity, but also with feeling for the human aspects involved.”
      Divisional Managing Director, Bayer AG
      Project Results - successful past projects
      • Growth
      • Productivity
      • Continuous improvement
      Objective: The chairman of a specialty pharmaceutical company wanted to improve the quality functions, better control costs and prepare the organization to cope with rapid growth.
      Approach: Proudfoot addressed bottlenecks that limited production. The team also introduced tools to make departments more aware of deviations and associated costs, and tools to improve problem identification and resolution. The company's employee base was encouraged to recommend improvement strategies which were then evaluated.

      Results: During the course of 7 months, performance improved drastically. Processing quality improved, resulting in a 17% increase of quality batches released on time. The company's workforce became more empowered and a cost consciousness pervaded the culture.

      Objective: The executive team at a medical devices company noticed its productivity levels were changing. The team hoped to instill the tools and processes needed to embed a continuous improvement mentality into the company's culture.

      Approach: Proudfoot implemented a plan to improve operational and customer service efficiency within the supply chain to offset poor purchasing processes. The plan included a new maintenance organization and database and a method to analyze work process and implement quality, cost and delivery changes to them that would improve customer satisfaction.

      Results: The project increased performance in production, maintenance and support services. The company experienced an increase in productivity and a decrease in purchasing costs.
      Objective: A medical devices company was anticipating weak revenues and wanted to create a culture of continuous improvement and a more involved organization.

      Approach: Proudfoot implemented a new behavior model to clarify the roles of associate directors, supervisors and team leads. Additionally, new leadership training was implemented to improve the communication and visibility among the organization as a whole.  Company operations were addressed through a system designed to enable management to make correct, accurate decisions in a timely manner. The system included master schedules, operating reports, schedule controls and visual display boards to increase communication and understanding.

      Results: The project created an entrepreneurial spirit and accelerated leadership development. Labor efficiency also improved.

      Areas of Impact

      Proudfoot can help across all operations
      Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
      • Strategic procurement
      • Productivity
      • Research and Development
      Our approach to supplier relationship management is collaborative in nature and yields better pricing and superior results, which our clients translate directly into a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By combining our approach to execution with unparalleled change management experience, we deliver our clients a world class strategic procurement infrastructure that sets these organizations apart from the competition.
      Improving  productivity  and increasing organizational effectiveness can deliver a real change in business performance, enabling companies to gain a valuable competitive advantage over rivals.

      Alexander Proudfoot has been synonymous with productivity improvements and operational effectiveness since 1946.  We use a unique methodology for measuring productivity, first developed by our founder and continuously updated and refined since then.
      We understand the wider scope and how research and development projects interconnect with other areas of the business. Research and development improvements have repercussions on supply chain, sales, operations and other areas. With our comprehensive approach, companies not only improve the process but also prepare other areas of the business for success.
      Other Areas
        • Sales and marketing
        • Working capital
        • Worker skills
        • Organizational alignment
        • Project management office
        • Planning and production
        • Maintenance
        • Distribution and warehousing
        • Shipping and Receiving
        • Quality control