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    Adding Value through Disciplined Execution

    Given external pressures, the manufacturing companies that succeed in the marketplace are the ones that execute their strategy effectively, secure a competitive edge and realize the full potential of their business.

    Alexander Proudfoot is known for sustainable operational and financial improvement through disciplined execution, enabling our manufacturing clients to achieve their growth targets as well as revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    Typical results achieved during a Proudfoot project


    • Increase in throughput 25%
    • Machine utilization improvement 35%
    • Improvement in direct labor productivity 25%
    • 68% scrap and waste reduction
    • 10% decrease energy usage
    • 27% improvement in material cost per unit
    • 45% direct labor cost per unit improvement
    • 67% reduction in inventory days on hand
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Helping companies elevate their operational and financial performance

    Alexander Proudfoot has extensive experience across multiple manufacturing industries. Through sustainable improvements, we ensure our clients can achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives with speed and control. Most importantly, this is accomplished without additional capital expenditures.

    • Building a legacy
    • Complementing existing initiatives
    • Delivering lasting shareholder value
    MANUFACTURING-WWD-TX1For more than 70 years, we have helped leading manufacturers achieve operational excellence. Our client list includes industry giants such as Siemens, Exide, Skyjack, Medela and Maytag.
    MANUFACTURING-WWD-TX2We complement existing initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen, amplifying the results and delivering them much sooner than initially anticipated.
    MANUFACTURING-WWD-TX3Our first client encounter is rarely the last because we always deliver on our objectives. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and have worked on multiple projects for suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    “Over the last two years, Exide has partnered with Proudfoot in 19 of our production facilities around the world. Working together we have significantly improved our operations in areas such as labour efficiency, scrap costs and fill rates. Proudfoot helped us implement effective management practices at the front line supervisory level. We have installed a comprehensive global management report that provides us with new levels of visibility and accountability, which we track weekly. Our performance is reviewed each week with the global executive team.”
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Exide Technologies 
    “I have engaged Alexander Proudfoot on five different assignments helping me in three different organizations to reduce operating expenses, improve our profitability, and at the same time, enhance quality and customer service. Their last assignment at Skyjack, Inc. provided a framework, which revitalized an organization that for the first time in ten years saw an unprofitable quarter, followed by two additional quarter losses. They teamed with us to restore our profitability through the installation of proactive 'fact-based' management systems that helped to return us to profitability in less than 20 calendar weeks”.
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Skyjack, Inc.
    Project Results - successful past projects
    • Process improvement
    • Management
    • Talent management
    Objective: A company had recently implemented a cost reduction initiative to combat squeezed margins. However, the executive team quickly realized that the initiative couldn't deliver. The objective was to enhance the existing initiative and maximize utilization of existing resources in order to avoid additional capital expenditures.

    Proudfoot analyzed performance across multiple departments, including manufacturing, maintenance, procurement, and packaging and logistics. The team developed and implemented a system to ensure management was able to make correct and accurate decisions in a timely manner that focused on planning, scheduling and improved communication. As well, the team focused on procurement, packaging and logistics with the aim to reduce costs.

    The client experienced a 10% productivity increase, an 80% overtime decrease and a 21% increase in overall equipment effectiveness. The company was also able to achieve price reductions between 27-46% through contract renegotiation with suppliers. Most notably, however, was the behavioral change; the employees became more aligned, benefiting the whole organization.

    Objective: The Chief Executive sought to improve coordination and communication between different phases of the manufacturing process and strengthen the existing management techniques to align the organization.

    Approach: Proudfoot introduced best practices in order to encourage better communication. Additionally, processes and behaviors related to materials were aligned to ensure efficient use of materials and visibility was increased to improve coordination between functions and ensure proactive management.

    Results: The organization achieved reductions in overtime expenses and external rework by 27% and 43%, respectively. Additionally, they were able to considerably reduce storage and transportation costs of finished goods.

    Objective: The client felt they were short on talent and needed advice on how to offset a skills shortage while improving throughput and reducing costs.

    Approach: Proudfoot implemented a system that enhanced schedule accuracy, alleviated production bottlenecks, improved inter-departmental communications and shortened cycle times.

    Results: The new systems helped to increase throughput by 35%, enhance productivity by 23% and reduce overtime by 55%.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help across all operations
    Alexander Proudfot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
    • Research and development
    • Productivity
    • Strategic procurement
    We understand the wider scope and how research and development projects interconnect with other areas of the business. Research and development improvements have repercussions on supply chain, sales,  operations and other areas. With our comprehensive approach, companies not only improve the process but also prepare other areas of the business for success.

    Improving productivity and increasing organizational effectiveness can deliver a real step-change in business performance, enabling companies to gain a valuable competitive advantage over rivals.

    Alexander Proudfoot has been synonymous with productivity improvements and operational effectiveness since 1946. We use a unique methodology for measuring productivity, first developed by our founder and continuously updated and refined since then.

    Our approach to supplier relationship management is collaborative in nature and yields better pricing and superior results, which our clients translate directly into a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By combining our world class execution experience with unparalleled change management experience, we deliver our clients a world class strategic procurement infrastructure that sets these organizations apart from the competition.
    Other Areas
      • Production planning
      • Change management
      • Supply chain – national and worldwide
      • World class manufacturing
      • Logistics and distribution
      • Throughput increase
      • Maintenance and TPM
      • Line performance
      • Scrap reduction
      • OEE improvement
      • Energy management
      • Resource utilization
      • Quality
      • Sales
      • Support departments