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    Helping Companies Elevate Their Operational and Financial Performance

    Proudfoot has completed more than 175 projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading retailers. Through these engagements, Proudfoot has gained deep insights into the complexities facing the retail industry on a daily basis—changing customer attitudes, employee productivity and turnover, store optimization, inventory management, customer experience, interaction management and sales growth.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • Customer conversion rate increased 16%
    • Sales per hour enhanced 30%
    • Productivity improved 28%
    • 30% decrease in paperwork and computer output
    • 33% reduction of warehouse space requirements
    • 18% savings from to renegotiation of supplier contracts
    • 22% reduction in labor requirements
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Keeping Pace with Changing Consumer Dynamics

    By analyzing a client’s operations and developing a tailored program to address its needs, Proudfoot is able to enhance a client’s workforce, cultivate an operating culture that embodies customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness, improve management practices, and develop management operating systems and processes that drive performance.

    • Working shoulder-to-shoulder
    • Driving rapid change
    • Delivering sustainable results
    RETAIL-WWD-TX1Proudfoot works shoulder-to-shoulder with management and front-line supervisors to identify opportunities and implement sustainable change and, through an unparalleled approach to disciplined execution, accelerate achievement of a client’s objectives.
    RETAIL-WWD-TX2The key to our success is our ability to drive the rapid and effective execution of corporate strategy throughout the organization, adding speed, predictability and control.
    RETAIL-WWD-TX3We have partnered with companies of all sizes on multiple projects. Our focus on execution enables them to deliver the results required to achieve their strategic objectives.

    Client Results

    What our clients are saying
    "I have never relied on consultants before or since,  because my view is that consultants come into your business,  pick the brains of the management and staff,  produce verbose reports summarizing what you have told them,  charge a small fortune in fees and leave you to get on with it.  That is still my general view, but in this instance, our consultants, Proudfoot did a very good job."
    Former CEO, Next plc.
    “The strong team spirit, combined with the skills taught have enabled us to sustain the change. Our turnaround has been impressive and dramatic and is seen as such both internally as well as by our partners. Proudfoot contributed significantly in making this a much better business.”
    Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Retail
    Project Results - Successful Past Projects
    • Sales Effectiveness
    • Margin protection
    Objective: A retail company was just coming out of bankruptcy when it was acquired. Needing to be rebuilt, the company partnered with Proudfoot to improve its underperforming store sales.

    Approach: Proudfoot delivered a new customer experience model to be the "Customers' Store of Choice". Through 250+ hours of classroom training and 4,000+ hours of on-the-floor coaching, the project helped to establish the right behaviors to change operations and drive sales.

    Results: The new model delivered a 14% improvement in revenue growth.  Improved productivity and customer service resulted in increased sales per labor hour.

    Objective: After 25 years of growth, a retailer was under significant pressure to improve their operating model and to protect margins. The management team brought in Proudfoot to focus on eight pilot stores in two cities.

    Approach: Proudfoot developed and installed a labor roster that utilized specific day-of-week store traffic patterns to balance the staff schedule. The team also developed and installed standards for like activities in the stores and created master schedules.

    Results: The retailer achieved significant benefits through an increase in production and selling hours. The client was able to reduce lost time, resulting in a 13% reduction in FTEs (full-time equivalents). The business culture changed from a customer self-service model to an assisted customer service and active selling model.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help you in areas across all operations
    • Revenue growth
    • Supply chain effectiveness
    • Contact center effectiveness
    No company strategy, no matter how brilliantly conceived, has ever succeeded without tight control of top-line revenue. However, as customer needs and expectations continue to change, companies must change with them or risk missing out on growth opportunities. Alexander Proudfoot can offer solutions to take advantage of changing environments.
    A robust, well-managed supply chain allows companies to cope with the volatility that has today become almost commonplace across many sectors and markets.  The ability for a company’s supply chain to adapt swiftly and effectively is critical as business leaders navigate the course towards prosperity and growth
    In our experience, many companies overlook significant opportunities to grow revenues and improve profits by managing their centers more effectively. We help companies across all industry sectors to transform their contact centers, providing practical solutions to solve our clients’ most persistent issues. Our customized seven-step improvement program ensures workable solutions to common shortcomings, driving benefits straight to the company’s bottom line.
    Other Areas
      • Traffic patterns
      • Cashiers
      • Shipping & receiving
      • Customer service
      • Purchasing
      • Accounting and administration
      • Store layout
      • Stocking efficiency
      • Merchandising and planning
      • Forecasting and scheduling
      • Supply chain
      • Warehouse
      • Inventory control
      • Up-selling
      • Logistics