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    Helping companies elevate their operational and financial performance

    In recent years, Proudfoot has completed nearly 200 projects around the globe for many of the world’s leading transportation and logistics firms. By working alongside these companies to deliver operational excellence, Proudfoot has gained an intimate familiarity with the diverse challenges the transportation industry is facing daily from infrastructure requirements and capex avoidance to fleet availability and workforce productivity.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • maintenance cost reduction 30%
    • increase in overall asset utilization 13%
    • improvement in productivity 30%
    • 60% maintenance operations productivity improvement
    • 52% improvement in baggage handling
    • 20% inventory stock reduction
    • 60% reduction in overtime and absenteeism
    • 45% improvement in terminal time usage
    • 10% improvement in trailer load factors
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Paving the way for operational excellence

    Our tried and tested methodology analyzes a client’s operations in order to develop, and then deliver, a tailored program to address the specific needs. Within months, our clients are poised to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of their operations.

    • Delivering benefits
    • Shoulder-to-shoulder
    TRANSPORTATION-WWD-TX1We specialize in the design and execution of programs to achieve material changes in operational performance and, as a consequence, financial performance. Benefits include improved productivity and resource utilization, higher revenues and greater market share, maximized effectiveness and terminal operations, optimized operating ratios and engaged employees at all levels of an organization.
    TRANSPORTATION-WWD-TX2Proudfoot works shoulder-to-shoulder with management and front line supervisors to identify opportunities and implement sustainable change and accelerate the achievement of client objectives through an unparalleled approach to disciplined execution.

    Client Results

    What our clients are saying
    “The Proudfoot consultants helped our top management to find and implement the appropriate solutions. Their ability and dedication has been unanimously recognized and has not prevented middle management and employees in general from taking ownership of the project. It does however provide further evidence of the fact that a project of this scale does require the external support of a consultancy.”
    General Manager, Port Autonome de Dunkerque
    “What impressed me most of all is the resulting empowerment. The strong team spirit, combined with the skills taught have enabled us to sustain the change. Proudfoot contributed significantly in making this a much better business.”
    Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Airports Group plc.
    Project Results - Successful Past Projects
    • Operations reorganization
    • Safety
    Objective: The client wanted to reorganize operations to boost distribution and fleet utilization capabilities.

    Approach: The team began by installing overtime controls to reduce unnecessary expenses. Route zoning was improved and  stop checks reduced to improve vehicle utilization and cut fleet population. A night inter-branch delivery system was installed and the team upgraded  production planning systems.

    Results: The project was able to assist in reducing overtime labor costs by 50% and fleet population by 14%. Additionally, the aging of accounts receivable was reduced by 21%.

    Objective: Top management was concerned about high stress levels that were contributing to increased employee turnover and safety concerns.

    Approach: The team redesigned the workflow to distribute tasks more evenly across the supervisory team. With the help of a survey, a satisfaction baseline was set so that continuous improvement could be measured and tracked.

    Results: Financial indicators of the project’s success were found in measures such as reduced overtime, operating and crew penalties, improved asset utilization, improved safety and reduction in staff turnover.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help you in areas across all operations
    • Process improvement
    • Productivity
    We work across every part of a business and provide management with the tools to monitor performance and take corrective action to improve areas of identified weakness. We align employee thinking and behavior with the redesigned or newly created process to prevent people lapsing back into old habits. Time is dedicated to establishing a culture of continuous improvement. We train and coach internal teams on follow-up techniques and ways to identify opportunities for further improvement.
    Improving productivity and increasing organizational effectiveness can deliver a real step-change in business performance, enabling companies to gain a valuable competitive advantage over rivals. Alexander Proudfoot has been synonymous with productivity improvements and operational effectiveness since 1946.  We use a unique methodology for measuring productivity, first developed by our founder and continuously updated and refined since then.
    Other Areas
    • Cost reduction
    • Stock
    • Inventory
    • SG&A cost reduction
    • Training & education
    • Systems
    • Processing
    • Labor efficiency
    • Worker skills
    • Fleet utilization
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering