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    Delivering Accelerated Results

    The success of any merger or acquisition is only truly realized when the full potential of the partnership is exploited, synergies are captured and growth is secured. With CEOs under pressure to plot a winning course, the strategic business case for a merger or acquisition is understandable. While recent history provides examples of notable successes, it is equally replete with instances where the eventual outcome fell well short of the original target. Partner with Proudfoot to ensure your success.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • Productivity and throughput improved 28%
    • Global maintenance costs reduced 20%
      • 25% increase in direct labor productivity
      • 20% improvement in R&D productivity
      • 28% headcount reduction
      • 5% sales increase
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      What We Do

      Your partner for rapid sustainable change
      Achieving Success with Mergers and Acquisitions

      Ensuring a few fundamental steps are rigorously adhered to both pre- and post-deal will increase the chance of a successful merger or acquisition. We assist our clients in both of these critical phases, identifying and capturing synergies. We integrate systems, customers, management, suppliers, working practices and employees into one fully aligned organization with clear direction and purpose. Critical to success is merging cultures and our change experts play a pivotal role in enabling the combined organization to move forward.

      • Delivering change management expertise
      • Working across all sectors
      MERGERS-WWD-TX1Our approach is equally relevant for companies where the efficiencies and growth ambitions are not readily realized post-merger. In many instances, companies engage us once it becomes apparent that they lack the skills to manage such an undertaking themselves. With our expertise and support, companies are able to get back on track within months, establishing firmer foundations for growth and ironing out process and cultural differences that initially impeded their pace of change.
      MERGERS-WWD-TX2We work with companies of all sizes and across all sectors, providing workable solutions that enable company executives to grow revenues, improve profits and deliver shareholder value.

      Client Results

      What our clients say
      "The Solae and Proudfoot teams have worked closely together to streamline and improve processes in all departments and functions including sales, marketing, operations, finance and human resources. Organizational changes have been implemented that have improved efficiency, whilst streamlining costs. The success of this program is due to the teamwork instilled by the Proudfoot methods of execution and the quality and capability of Proudfoot’s team.”
      Chief Executive Officer, Solae
      "Our partnership with Proudfoot allowed us to present a compelling vision of how things could be – a change for the better that really would work, bringing tangible benefits for all.”
      President, BNSF
      Project Results - Successful Past Projects
      • Process alignment
      • Procurement
      • Top-line growth
      Objective:  A large company had grown through acquisitions and was suffering from inconsistent operating processes as a result.

      Approach: Proudfoot helped standardize processes across the businesses, and used simulations to optimize plant layout and reduce freight through consolidation. A new proactive plant management style improved processes and increased plant capacity and systems in order to accurately plan production, minimize inventory and balance variations during seasonal demands.

      Results: The operational improvement project reduced production costs by 30% and freight costs by 20%, improved throughput by 20% and reduced maintenance backlog by 55%.
      Objective: A manufacturing company had recently grown through acquisition and wanted to better integrate its operations.

      Approach: Proudfoot helped renegotiate existing supplier contracts and reorganize supply chain flows. A new stock management system allowed the company to identify consumption variances. Additionally, new  standards, indicators and daily reviews were introduced at all client sites.

      Results: The company was able to increase collaboration across five disparate companies and is now operating as one. The procurement function made significant gains in productivity and purchasing standards became an integral part of the company's culture.
      Objective: A recently acquired financial services company was having difficulty meeting budget requirements and achieving an acceptable level of profit.

      Approach: Proudfoot reengineered work processes across departments, implemented a series of processes to more efficiently manage day-to-day operations, and implemented training to align the culture of company.

      Results: The project increased sales by 65% and reduced back office costs by 22%. Products sold per employee increased from 14.2 to 23.2 and client contact increased by 20%. The project also helped meet budget requirements.

      Areas of Impact

      Proudfoot can help across all operations
      Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience delivering operational results across various industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into this knowledge to help you maximize your operations.
      • Manufacturing
      • Banking
      Given external pressures, the manufacturing companies that succeed in the marketplace are the ones that execute their strategy effectively, secure a competitive edge and realize the full potential of their business.

      Alexander Proudfoot is known for sustainable operational and financial improvement through disciplined execution, enabling our manufacturing clients to achieve their growth targets as well as revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control.
      Proudfoot has completed projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading financial institutions—retail, investment and commercial bankers; automotive and consumer financial services companies; and credit unions—including Bank of America, AXA, ING and American Express. Whether a company needs to industrialize its back office operations, address rising administrative costs or significantly increase the quality of its customer experience to grow revenues, Proudfoot has a track record of success in partnering with executive management teams to reach these goals.
      Other Areas
      • Information technology
      • Production
      • Call centers
      • Labor efficiency
      • Facility equipment utilization
      • Operations
      • Finance
      • Customer service
      • Training & education
      • Logistics & warehouse
      • Forecasting & planning
      • Project management
      • Purchasing-procurement
      • Organizational alignment
      • Research & development