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  • Process Improvement

    Delivering Accelerated Results

    Effective business practices and processes form the backbone of all organizations. Yet over time, what once ran smoothly and swiftly can deteriorate, with blockages, barriers and bottlenecks emerging and worse still, being accepted as the ‘norm.’ We specialize in process improvements-identifying and removing waste in core processes that frustrate employees and compromise safety, throughput and production predictability.

    Typical Results

    Results you can count on
    What we can help you achieve


    • reduction in cycle and process times 60%
    • improved procurement order payment process 56%
    • 46% reduction in G&A process cycle times
    • 30% scrap reduction
    • 35% rework reduction
    • 40% reduction in processing errors
    • 50% increase in shipping productivity
    • 55% decrease in lost time
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Eliminating barriers, blockages and bottlenecks

    We work across every part of a business and provide management with the tools to monitor performance and take corrective action to improve areas of identified weakness.

    • Business alignment
    • Our people
    PROCESS-WWD-TX1We align employee thinking and behavior with the redesigned or newly created process to prevent people lapsing back into old habits. Time is then dedicated toestablish a culture of continuous improvement through training and coaching internal teams on follow-up techniques and ways to identify opportunities for further improvement.
    PROCESS-WWD-TX2Our teams are knowledgeable in all methodologies including Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen; they understand the context, and use their breadth of knowledge gained from working across companies of all sizes, all regions and all sectors, to deliver workable solutions in conjunction with your people.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    “The processes that are now in place to support our production are aligned with best practice and have been installed in a sustainable manner and will give us a competitive edge moving forward."
    Executive Vice President, Mining
    “We have learned and we have grown and I’m so excited about our business going forward. With the Continuous Process Improvement capability and skills Alexander Proudfoot has transferred into our organization, we are going to continue seeing the value of the step change we have obtained."
    Managing Director, Insurance
    Project Results - Successful Past Projects
    • Productivity
    • Insurance
    • Throughput
    Objective: A company had recently implemented a cost reduction initiative to combat squeezed margins. However, the executive team quickly realized that the initiative couldn't deliver. The objective was to enhance the existing initiative and maximize utilization of existing resources in order to avoid additional capital expenditures.

    Approach: Proudfoot analyzed performance across multiple departments, including manufacturing, maintenance, procurement, and packaging and logistics. The team developed and implemented a system to ensure management was able to make correct and accurate decisions in a timely manner that focused on planning, scheduling and improved communication. As well, the team focused on procurement, packaging and logistics with the aim to reduce costs.

    Results: The client experienced a 10% productivity increase, an 80% overtime decrease and a 21% increase in overall equipment effectiveness. The company was also able to achieve price reductions between 27-46% through contract renegotiation with suppliers. Most notably, however, was the behavioral change; the employees became more aligned, benefiting the whole organization.
    Objective and Vision: Recurring issues in multiple departments prevented the client from creating greater efficiency and meeting future growth objectives. The client needed a cultural transformation in order to improve the “end-to-end” network process which included changes in contracts, new providers and provider information.

    Approach: The Proudfoot project created capacity by reducing work and resolving other operational problems. Training reached all levels of the organization and coaching helped align all efforts and increase accountability.

    Sustainable Results: The revamped network process achieved an increased efficiency level of 13%, reduced inventory claims greater than 60 days by 62% and a productivity increase of 27%. Moreover, employee morale reached an all-time high as a result of the changes.
    Objective: The company intended to double output within three years. After three successive throughput warnings, the publicly listed company urgently needed to reassure investors.

    Approach: The team developed a robust system to improve how work was planned, resourced, measured and reported, using best in class standards, with safety at its heart. To address the production weaknesses and increase output, the system focused on throughput, cycle time reduction and the elimination of lost time from operational or equipment downtime. The team also conducted training and on-the-floor coaching sessions to reinforce the right behaviors. Sustainability of results was established by training a team of six local task forces, making them capable of conducting regular follow-up and refresher trainings, sustainability audits and spearheading continuous improvement.

    Results: As the ways of working improved, results were soon apparent. Daily output increased continuously throughout the course of the project, with the mine achieving its highest ever daily output towards the project's end. The targeted 15% increase was exceeded and the team finally delivered a 22% increase. The Chairman was able to report record production levels which put the company on track to deliver its agreed annual production targets. Both the contractors and the company experienced significant improvements in production levels.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help across all operations
    Alexander Proudfoot has more than 70 years of experience in delivering improved productivity, performance and profitability across all industries and operational areas. Allow us to tap into our knowledge base to help maximize the effectiveness of your operations.
    • Manufacturing
    • Banking
    • Engineering and Construction
    Alexander Proudfoot’s specialty is sustainable operational and financial improvement through disciplined execution, enabling our manufacturing clients to achieve their growth targets, revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control.
    Proudfoot has completed projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading financial institutions—retail, investment and commercial banks; automotive and consumer financial services companies; and credit unions—including Bank of America, AXA, ING and American Express. Whether a company needs to industrialize its back office operations, address rising administrative costs, or significantly increase the quality of its customer experience to grow revenues, Proudfoot has a track record of success in partnering with executive management teams to reach these goals.
    We partner with engineering and construction companies to help them compete more effectively in an increasingly challenging marketplace.  No stranger to market volatility, we help these companies drive the rapid execution of their corporate strategy from improving the top-line to strengthening their resilience to a market downturn and preparing them for future growth.
    Other Areas
    • Warehousing and distribution
    • Maintenance
    • Supply chain effectiveness
    • Logistics and shipping
    • Packaging
    • Inventory
    • Research and development
    • Sales and service effectiveness
    • Management systems
    • Purchasing and procurement
    • Machine and labor efficiency
    • Meeting effectiveness
    • People behavior and alignment
    • Sales and marketing
    • Production