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  • Revenue Growth

    Delivering accelerated results

    Businesses of all shapes and sizes strive for growth in today's competitive economy. To meet the ongoing demands from stakeholders to deliver sustained, steady and profitable growth, business leaders must have the right strategy in place or run the risk of falling behind.

    Proudfoot's expertise covers multiple disciplines that are critical for revenue growth, such as sales effectiveness, value proposition, margin maximization, performance management, pricing and total rewards. With the support of our proven methodologies for embedding change and driving results, we create an organization-wide growth platform where people, systems and processes are aligned for sustainable and profitable growth. Simply put, we know what it takes to create value for businesses, their customers and stakeholders.

    Typical Results

    Securing profitable growth
    What we can help you achieve


    • Sales improvement 5-15%
    • Sales force productivity increased 25-35%
    • 20-30% improvement in conversion rates
    • Improved customer retention
    • Improved cross-selling and up-selling activities
    • 10-15% service level improvement
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    What We Do

    Your partner for rapid sustainable change
    Eliminating barriers, blockages and bottlenecks

    Our experts address shortcomings in sales infrastructure (management systems and sales processes) and people capabilities, in addition to improving sales strategies and refining organizational alignment.

    • Top-line growth
    • Transformational results
    Our clients achieve increases in top-line growth through improved selling skills, as well as more effective sales management, pricing strategies and better customer interfaces to maximize margins and therefore profit.
    The results are transformational, shifting our clients from a transactional, reactive approach to one that is proactive. Our methodology includes the implementation of a new mindset that emphasizes efficiency, productivity and financial growth.

    Client Results

    What our clients say
    “One critical tool provided by Proudfoot was sales team coaching. We  had sales training in the past, yet were never assured that the techniques that were taught would translate into better results in the field. Proudfoot worked diligently with our managers to train them as coaches, and these lessons are now a routine part of our culture.”
    Henkel, President North America
    “Proudfoot partnered with us to reduce operating costs, improve our sales effectiveness and make us an organization primed to succeed in a highly competitive market.”
    Avaya, CEO
    Project Results - Successful Past Projects
    • Productivity
    • Performance
    • Sales effectiveness

    Objective: The executive team at a banking institution needed to increase revenues, improve processing times and reduce costs across all locations.
    Approach: Proudfoot implemented a new approach aimed at maintaining customer relationships that drastically improved the performance and productivity of the customer service organization. The approach reprioritized activities and included both a new sales approach to enable management to take correct, accurate and in time decisions and a redesigned organizational structure.

     Results: The project made an impact from both a cost and a revenue standpoint. Labor costs were reduced by 19%, while revenues increased 11% as a result of a 67% increase in the number of offers and a 46% increase in the number of contracts signed.


    Objective: A company's customer contact centers, broadband billing centers and network support services were struggling to meet targets and faced steep marketplace competition. Moreover, Regional Specialty Centers, which were tasked with error correction duties, were poorly cross-trained, had unbalanced workloads, large backlogs and excessive overtime. 

    Approach: Proudfoot developed and installed management systems and tools to provide immediate visibility to performance issues. The team refined call handling models to make them more effective in driving sales while at the same time responding more quickly to customer issues. Additionally, the team developed metrics that reflect the balance between increasing revenues while reducing average handle time. 

    Results: Together, the company and Proudfoot achieved far-reaching benefits–they increased average revenue per call by 17.5%, improved average handle time by 5%, enhanced off-line work capacity by 35%, reduced overtime by 98% and achieved 39% increase in productivity in specialist centers.
    Objective: A recently acquired financial services company was having difficulty meeting budget requirements and achieving an acceptable level of profit.

    Approach: Proudfoot reengineered work processes across departments, implemented a series of processes to more efficiently manage day-to-day operations, and implemented training to align the culture of company.

    Results: The project increased sales by 65% and reduced back office costs by 22% . Products sold per employee increased from 14.2 to 23.2 and client contact increased by 20%. The project also helped meet budget requirements.

    Areas of Impact

    Proudfoot can help across all operations
    Companies that have fully adopted and installed Proudfoot's programs, processes and methods have achieved dramatic and sustained annual growth. The combination of process, system and behavior change implemented at the point of execution is what sets us apart from the competition.
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Utilities
    Proudfoot has a successful track record of producing significant revenue growth for all types of insurance companies, including life, accident and health, and property and casualty insurance.
    Given external pressures, the manufacturing companies that succeed in the marketplace are the ones that execute their strategy effectively, secure a competitive edge and realize the full potential of their business.
    In recent years, Proudfoot has completed over 80 projects around the globe with many of the world’s leading utility and utility service firms. By working alongside these companies to deliver operational excellence, Proudfoot has gained an intimate familiarity with the diverse challenges the industry is facing daily—changing regulatory environments, community engagement concerns, new and more stringent safety requirements, more complex distribution frameworks and large infrastructure requirements.
    Other Areas
    • Sales effectiveness
    • Customer value
    • Maximization of margins
    • Performance management
    • Speed to market
    • Channel profitability
    • Accounts receivable minimization
    • Value proposition enhancement
    • Marketing &  support effectiveness
    • Revenue recognition
    • RFP and proposal management
    • Pricing model