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    Alexander Proudfoot helps companies better execute their plans and strategies to deliver substantial improvements in performance and profitability. More About Alexander Proudfoot
  • Working at Proudfoot


    We work with some of the world's best known corporations to transform operational performance and achieve significantly increased profitability. Joining Alexander Proudfoot offers you the opportunity to work across different sectors, varying countries and cultures and multiple disciplines.

    Our core values

    Our guiding set of values:

    1. Do what is right for our clients
    2. Do what is right for our people
    3. Deliver excellence and set the agenda
    4. Earn the trust of our clients and colleagues
    5. Demonstrate professionalism

    Open positions

    We need talented, resourceful and highly motivated people who relish the opportunity to work as part of a team to really make a difference to the ways companies operate.


    North America
    Management Consultant-Canada
    Management Consultant-Mexico
    Management Consultant-U.S.
    Training and Development Consultant-U.S.

    Management Consultant-Europe (French and German speaking)
    Management Consultant: Training-Europe
    Supply Chain Specialist-Europe
    Vice President, Business Development-UK

    Management Consultant-Africa
    Mining Management Consultant-Africa

    Business Development Coordinator-Asia
    Vice President, Business Development-Hong Kong