• Alexander Proudfoot

    Alexander Proudfoot helps companies better execute their plans
    and strategies to deliver substantial improvements in performance and profitability. More About Alexander Proudfoot
    • Our execution-driven service model not only identifies, but also delivers measurable results without additional capex. Successful execution turns strategy into reality and plans into increased profits.
    • With our support, executive management has taken their businesses to new levels of performance, delivering results with scale and speed.  Performance goals that would take the company years to realize alone are accomplished within months with Proudfoot.
    • We specialize in the installation of performance programs that deliver rapid and sustainable operational and financial improvements–the key drivers of profitability and stakeholder value.
    • Our working partnerships drive success. We partner with our clients and work side-by-side with all levels of management- especially front line management where strategy becomes reality and results are secured.
    • For more than 65 years, we have been helping companies of all sizes and across all business sectors to quickly and sustainably transform operational performance in sales, output, costs and capital expenditure.
  • Driving change

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    Change is only sustainable when employees are ready, willing and able to own the change. People Solutions™ is Proudfoot’s answer to fortify a change management process.  

    CEOs orchestrating executive alignment

    CEOs discuss the correlation between a unified executive vision and successfully executing large-scale change initiatives.  

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